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Here at donhost we know you're busy so always check here before contacting us if something is wrong with your services. Any system maintenance, updates or known issues are notified here so there is no need to write to us. Here you will find all updates about what’s really going on and what we are doing about it to make sure your service is back to normal!

If you can’t find your issue here please feel free to open a support request. Just log in to your donhost support account, then select Ask a Question. Day or night, we’ll reply fast – and on the My Support tab you can see a complete history of all previous messages.

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Current Incident Trackers

Scheduled maintenance on the Webmail platform

Created: 27 November 2015, 08:39
Last Updated: --

We would like to inform our customers that our webmail platform will undergo a scheduled maintenance Sunday, the 29th of November, 05:00 AM GMT.

As a result, webmail access will be unavailable for approximately 3 – 4 hours, with a slight chance of leading the maintenance through mid-day on some accounts, depending on their size and how quickly will these synchronize.

Please do note that in the meantime you can still connect to your mailbox with any email client, as our incoming/outgoing servers will not be affected by the scheduled work. Additionally, sent & received emails in the given timeframe will be delivered as usual.

This has been scheduled so that our system engineers can be upgrading the backend systems to a faster, more robust solution. We are also working on further updates that will result in a new, upgraded and more responsive interface on our webmail; the backend work is the first step in delivering this to our customers.

Scam attempts

Created: 03 November 2015, 15:32
Last Updated: --

Please be aware that there currently is an email scam attempt going around to customers of different registrars stating that your domain names have been suspended. This is to encourage you to click a link in the email which contains a malware virus.

All communication from Webfusion will be sent via an official Webfusion email address (, as well as displayed within your Webfusion support ticket centre.

General safety advice:

- Most companies do not send you attachments to download by email – be hesitant in downloading any applications
- If you have any suspicions then call the company in question, such as our support team on Webfusion
- Have an up to date virus checker installed on your computer

If you have further questions about the above, please do contact us here, we'll gladly assist:

Kind regards,
The Webfusion team